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  Jill Jones Soderman, The Family Resolution Center
Jill Jones-Soderman PhD, MSW, MSHS is the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts. The Foundation has existed as 501 (c)3 Non profit Organization since 2008.
The Foundation is dedicated to guarding the Constitutionally documented rights of children and their protective parents challenged under circumstances of high conflict custody litigation and assault by "Child Protective Services". The Foundation is dedicated to maintaining the standard of law, care, boundaries of scope of practice and discretion often exceeded by judges, lawyers, court actors, mental health, medical professionals.
Jill Jones-Soderman's career spans a period of more than forty years, covering an initial practice focus as a psychoanalyst/family/group therapist working as the clinical supervisor, faculty member - teaching and supervising at in-patient psychiatric and residential treatment services.
The core of her practice specialized in exceptionally complex psychoanalytic diagnostic work as well as treatment of exceptionally high risk, difficult to treat psychiatric patients. The patients treated suffered from severe intra psychic illness with a psycho-dynamic focus, treated on an in-patient and out patient basis.
Her work as a mediator, author, public speaker, Whistle Blower, developed following an unexpected interaction when called to do an evaluation of three young children who became the first subjects of the study and life work which evolved into the establishment of the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts.
For a detailed chronicle of the work of Jill Jones-Soderman refer to the Curriculum Vitae listed on the FCVFC Web Site and the US Whistle Blower Web Site.

Jill is available, and can be reached in confidence at


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