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I firmly believe and recommend that people should seek treatment with professionals they feel comfortable with; who they feel understood by and trust. Correct information as to which professionals are capable of doing what is essential.

Therapists who treat patients intensively should involve themselves in continued education and supervision: peer supervision, controlled analyses situations and/or supervision. Many professions and State regulatory bodies mandate such on-going education and supervision.

These are medical doctors (MD’s) who have a requirement of one-year residency in psychiatry. They can treat biologically-based psychiatric illness with medication and medication management. They often have minimal training in psychotherapy during their one year required residency. They study MEDICATION, although they may go beyond this minimum and may become psychoanalysts. Psychiatrists generally treat and/or do research on biologically-based illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, etc., which require rigorous medical management.

These are individuals with a graduate degree (MA) who enter a program for the training of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Their mandatory training is focused on personal psychoanalysis, for a period of time numbering in thousands of hours, as per school requirement. The four-year training in course work and supervision is concluded with a case presentation by the new psychotherapist, demonstrating skill, personal insight and proof of completion of all requirements.

Psychoanalysis Information and NewsA regimen of personal psychoanalysis is then undertaken for a period averaging seven years. Analysts are required to treat patients under "controls-intensive" sessions, involving an understanding of the therapist’s own feelings toward the psychotherapy and how it affects/impacts the treatment of the client. Psychoanalysts, therapists, social workers and analysts do not have a license to prescribe medication or act as physicians in any manner.