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  Professional psychotherapy and mediation services Jill is available to meet with her clients in person, or conduct sessions by phone.
  • Therapeutic Mediation for Adults, Children and Families
  • Family Conflict Resolution
  • Non-Litigation Intervention
  • Domestic Violence Intervention
  • Child Advocacy
  • Business Mediation between Conflicting Partners

I wish to be clear that my practice/intervention style is based on the foundations of classical analytic education and training, but after years of experience, exposure to real life, plus ongoing training, my views on theory and practice have become eclectic. My practice now draws on many different philosophies, styles of treatment technique, and metaphysical concepts that go beyond addressing family history and personal trauma.

In consultation sessions, I see individuals, families and children in whatever configuration appears relevant to the current needs presented. This means that I may see a married couple jointly or individually; children with one or both parents and individually; or siblings with each other and with or without their parents, based on the issues, needs and desires of the client, in conjunction with my recommendations.

Treatment is a work in progress. It deals with the essential issues of trust, communication, and the mutual ability to work through other issues as they appear. The treatment relationship is the microcosm of a life lived, needing to be explored and understood with a new perspective, and gradually released so that one may move on to new, positive expressions of life, love, work, and play.

Attention to the Medical aspect
Critical to any diagnostic evaluation is a medical/psychiatric history, to understand/rule out biological issues that occur in even extremely young children. Mood disorders may occur as a result of genetic family history or prior medical conditions, and must be considered when dealing with all clients, especially young children who present with oppositional/angry behavior, irritable or sad moods. Just as adults are reviewed for medical interventions when indicated, children must be allowed the same options for respite from extreme pain and distress stemming from physical disorders. Behavioral interventions for children who suffer from early childhood mood disorders, or other physically based issues must be properly diagnosed and addressed. Attention deficit disorders and other hyperactivity disorders are often misdiagnosed, leading to the withholding of much needed, more proper treatment. When properly prescribed, appropriate medical intervention rapidly eradicates the problem targeted and facilitates further interventions.

The alternate issue of concern is that when children's difficult symptoms disappear after medication is prescribed, the parents often feel that no further therapeutic treatment is needed - and this is not true. If children are on medication for any issue, the parent(s) need to maintain contact with the therapist and physician/pediatrician in order to monitor and/or discontinue medication, as well as to maintain contact if their services or another’s services are ever needed in the future.

Another issue of great concern in my practice is the empowerment of children and adults. Children are well able to articulate what they think, feel, want, fear, and enjoy, even from a very early age. Interference with a child's developing capacity to have his or her own thoughts, feelings, ideas, and desires, whether one agrees or disagrees with them (within generally socially accepted norms) can lead to a destructive pattern of behavior, lack of respect for others, and inhibition of individuality and developing identity. Similarly, adults need to be nurtured and relived of anguish in a counseling environment that is safe and confidential, and which results in insight, answers, and enlightened behaviors.

Family and business mediation servicesIssues of parental alienation and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse are identified and well understood in my practice. I always attempt to therapeutically mediate disputes between parents and children, and when at all possible, to reach a consensus.
The major tenets of long-term intensive treatment are:

  1. That which is not resolved is repeated
  2. The end of analysis is forgetting - all trauma is resolved and repressed
  3. The ability to love, work, play - unambivalently - has been accomplished

These are the goals that I strive to achieve with/for all those whom I see in treatment, with the expectation that the relationship and work yields success, grace and pleasure.

Please note that the Family Resolution Center is not a non-profit entity. Fees are charged for Services.